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Executive Team

Craig Mitton, PhD – Managing Partner

Craig Mitton

Craig is an internationally recognized leader in the field of health care priority setting and resource allocation. He brings to the organization over 15 years’ experience as a health economist both in the university setting and as a health care consultant. Aiding health care organizations in meeting budgetary needs, Craig has worked with leaders around the globe to ensure that health care systems remain fiscally sustainable.

Craig is the lead author of a published book entitled: The Priority Setting Toolkit: a guide to the use of economics in health care priority setting and is the lead or co-author of over 100 peer reviewed journal articles focused primarily on health care funding and resource allocation. With more than 150 national and international speaking engagements along with delivering in-depth priority setting workshops and classes, Craig’s ability to share his knowledge and passion is brought to each project he undertakes. In the past decade he has held major university-based awards, including a Canada Research Chair and a Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Scholar Award.

Craig can be found racing down the local mountain ranges or kayaking the open waters near his home on the West Coast. He lives with his wife and two daughters in Vancouver.

Francois Dionne, PhD – Managing Partner

Francois Dionne

With over twenty years’ experience in operating private companies, along with his expertise as a consultant in health care management, Francois brings his knowledge of business operations and financial best practices to the field of health service delivery.

Francois has published peer-review journal articles and conducted presentations on resource allocation decisions and is a leader in the development and application of multi-criteria decision analysis within the health care context.

You can catch Francois cycling to his next business meeting or flying down the ice with his local hockey team. Francois lives in Vancouver with his wife, Lisa, and their two children.

Howard Waldner – Partner

Howard Waldner

Howard has extensive strategic and operational health care leadership experience in both Canada and the United Kingdom, having held a number of key President and CEO roles on both continents.

Most recently, Howard served as the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Vancouver Island Health Authority, a fully integrated regional health authority in British Columbia serving over 750,000 individuals with an annual operating budget in excess of $2.0B. Prior to this he was the Chief Operating Officer in Calgary Health Region in Alberta. He is also an Adjunct Professor and is the Principal of the Strategic Consulting firm, Caledonia Solutions Canada Inc.

Catherina van Beek, RN, BSN, MHA, CHE – Director, Business Development


Catherina brings to the organization over 27 years of clinical and managerial experience as a registered nurse in the areas of emergency and surgical nursing, and as a consultant in research administration in British Columbia and Ontario. Catherina holds a Certified Health Executive designation from the Canadian College of Health Leaders and a Master of Health Administration from the University of British Columbia where she developed her interest in priority setting and resource management practices within all levels of government and public sector organizations.

You can find Catherina ocean kayaking and paddle boarding up Indian Arm, mountain biking in nearby trails or practicing yoga. Catherina lives with her husband and two children in Vancouver.

Diane Schmidt, MSc – Chief Operating Officer

Diane Schmidt

Diane leads the software development team in providing customer-focused solutions for resource allocation activities. With a diverse background in business organization and health care communications and policy development, Diane’s experience in project management ranges from the operation of international educational programs through to the development of patient-centered initiatives. Working with large and small-scale health care organizations, Diane has successfully guided programs from initial concept through to implementation, including long-term strategic planning and delivery.

Diane’s research focuses on disinvestment approaches in health care financing including the development of a disinvestment framework for resource management.

If you’re up early, you can find Diane practicing her drop shot on the tennis court or hiking the peaks close to her home in Northern California. Diane lives with her husband in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Cam Donaldson, PhD – Executive Director Business Development, Europe

Cam Donaldson

Cam is widely recognized as one of the world’s top health economists. Over the past 25 years, Cam has published over 190 peer-reviewed articles in economics, medical and health policy and health management journals and has co-authored and edited several books on health economics and public service delivery. His most recent book is entitled: Credit Crunch Health Care: how economics can save our publicly funded health services.

Cam has delivered hundreds of presentations around the globe and is a highly sought-after speaker on topics ranging from priority setting to health care financing and micro-credit. He has held major university posts in Scotland, England and Canada and has led various research centres and institutes, generating well over $15M in peer reviewed research funds.

Look for Cam at the next international health care conference. If he’s not there, he’ll be at his desk writing the next book on health economics. Cam lives with his wife in Glasgow, Scotland.

Michelle Jenkins, LLB – Legal Counsel

Michelle Jenkins

Michelle brings over a decade of legal experience to the organization. In 2001, Michelle graduated from the University of Calgary law school with the Gold Medal in Law and proceeded to clerk in the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench. She was then recruited to complete her articles at Lawson Lundell in Calgary.

Following a one-year research position at the University of Western Australia, she returned to Canada where she has worked as a legal consultant in a breadth of areas, including health care, environmental law, contracts and aboriginal law. Michelle was called to the Alberta Bar in 2003 and the British Columbia Bar in 2005.

When Michelle isn’t pouring over the latest brief, you can find her paddling English Bay on her surf board or taking two steps at a time up the Grouse Grind. Michelle lives with her husband and two children in Vancouver.

Garth Unwin, BSc – IT Director

Garth Unwin

With over 20 years’ experience in the IT industry, ranging from government to non-profits to the private sector, Garth has a firm understanding and in-depth knowledge of all phases of the software development cycle. He is the founder of Blackfish Technologies Inc., a consulting firm in Northern California.

After a hard day of coding, you might catch a blurred glimpse of him training for his next triathlon or paddling with a local outrigger canoe club. Garth lives with his wife near Silicon Valley, California.